First time getting up in front of a classroom as a teacher

After being a student for almost 24 consecutive years between my primary school and until I finished my Ph.D. degree, it was time for me to get up in front of a classroom and take the stage as a teacher. An experience that I never forget and want to write about in my blog.

During these 24 years of being a student, I had dozens of teachers with different educational backgrounds and teaching skills. Each time I remember a teacher I had in the past, I realize how unique and different each teacher was in the way they were teaching. Being a teacher for the first time, I remember writing down my favorite teaching skills and styles which I liked from all my teachers. This helped me to identify what type of teacher I wanted to be and what teaching style I wanted to adopt.

At that time, the internet was just starting, and there wasn’t much educational content available online compared to our present time. Students were mostly relying on textbooks, literature, published researches, past years lecture notes, and exams. I didn’t want to be a teacher who comes to a classroom to repeat what is in the textbooks or past years’ lecture notes. I thought students can do that themselves and they don’t need a teacher just for that. Maybe answering questions related to textbooks but spending lectures time on repeating what is in the books wasn’t something I wanted to do. Instead, I wanted to add value by complementing the textbook reading material with a deep dive analysis, solving examples and problems, open discussion, questions and answers, and bringing up other perspectives especially from practical life.

My ultimate goal as a teacher was to offer my students complementary learning material that they cannot find in the textbooks. I wanted my student to get interested in attending my lectures because they know it is going to help them better understand the material and learn something outside the books.

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