Do not be afraid of change. Be afraid of not changing

There are so many quotes and sayings out there about the importance of making a change in life or work but this one is a favorite “Do not be afraid of change. Be afraid of not changing”. I have this quotation written on a wood sign and it has been placed in a visible spot in my house. I have even sometimes taken it to work and placed it on my office’s desk. I think the message is clear and highlighting a fact that “change” and “fear” are related. If this relation is unavoidable, it is better to fear not changing instead of being afraid of change.

This quote has got me wondering why being afraid of change? Why shouldn’t we be afraid of change? and, why are we sometimes willing to change in some areas but reluctant to try anything new in other areas? It is also interesting that it is quite often that we want so much to go back and change things that happened in the past but we don’t want to break the chains of fear to get outside our comfort zone to do things differently in the future.

I think “change” is like a coin with two sides, a reward on one side and risk on the other. I also think that people’s reaction to change depends on their optimistic vs pessimistic attitudes. An optimist or a “glass-half-full” person can see the reward of change, enjoy the process of taking risks and growing in the process. Meanwhile, a pessimist or a “glass-half-empty” person may only focus on the worst-case scenario of taking the risk of change.

Regardless of what attitude a person has, I think “change” means taking a risk. No matter how big or small the risk is, what matters is if a person is a risk-lover, risk-averse, or a risk-neutral. What type of a person you are? How do you react to change? Please share your thoughts about change in the comment field.

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