Common ground

I think everyone knows that negotiating is a rational process for resolving differences and for finding common ground. Finding a common ground is essential to connect with other people, work together, build bonds, make consensus decisions and complement one another. When a common ground is found between groups, it can bring people together instead of pushing them apart. But in reality, the idea of finding a common ground is sometimes intimidating and easier said than done.

I have learned few things that have made me believe that finding a common ground is always possible. I think finding a common ground usually starts by connecting with other people through talking about a common interest, no matter what the subject, e.g., weather, sport, things happening around town or in the industry. This step will help to kickstart the discussion and may ease any tension. Many negotiations and nearly all conflicts are like icebergs. The top of the iceberg is the part of a negotiation or conflict that people talk about openly. But there’s plenty below the waterline, too

By listening and observing any hints about the others and sharing our own stories, we can establish commonalities and helping to grow the conversation in the right direction and establish the bond. Remember one important thing that it’s always okay if we and others have different opinions, but the group on the whole has to want the same outcome which in many cases is the common ground we are looking for.

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