My journey with the “Energy Bus”

Visiting Barnes & Nobel stores is used to be something I enjoy doing on weekends. Although I often end up buying online an audio version of any title I like, browsing in the store and especially checking out the Leadership and Management books section is so much fun. A hot Americano coffee cup a “must”…

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Are you a one-minute manager?

This post is among the series of posts about some of the leadership books which I have read and they have inspired me as a person and as a leader. In this post, I will share my thoughts and reflect on one of the classics and must-read books about leadership is “The One Minute Manager” by…

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The Truth About Leadership

More than a decade ago, I took the first leadership role in my professional career. My manager told me at that time that I didn’t have the years of experience needed for that role but I had the skills needed to succeed if I would continue in the leadership path to build up the expertise.…

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When attitudes and behavior do not match

In one of my previous leadership roles, I had feelings of unease and discomfort for quite a long period of time from acting in a fashion that is inconsistent with my beliefs and attitude. Each time I think about that period of time, I wonder how many leaders and managers out there who are going…

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New in town

This is not a song nor a tv show title. It’s about anyone who is new in town. Being new in town is an experience I have been through myself several times in my life so far. It is an experience that is different each time I go through it. It is unique, tough, fun,…

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What do you do about an employee who isn’t performing up to expectations?

Although addressing employees’ performance issues should be one of the main tasks of a people manager but I think it is rarely taken seriously based on my experience. I think some managers’ discomfort of confrontation exceeds the potential reward of improving an employee’s performance. Pushing the problem away is the type of strategy which is usually taken…

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