My journey with the “Energy Bus”

Visiting Barnes & Nobel stores is used to be something I enjoy doing on weekends. Although I often end up buying online an audio version of any title I like, browsing in the store and especially checking out the Leadership and Management books section is so much fun. A hot Americano coffee cup a “must” have to complete my ritual of visiting B&N. Several years ago, and during one of my visits to B&N, my eyes caught a yellow book with a school bus picture on the cover but with “Energy Bus” sign instead of the usual School Bus sign. I didn’t hesitate to pick up that book to check it out. I found it difficult to put down. It was a very quick read and made me look at everyday situations in a more positive way. It was the start of my journey with the energy bus.  

I’m a big believer in energy and believe that life is all about energy, its flow and positivity through tough times, and how it controls people’s actions, emotions, and happiness. I do believe that we have inner energy towards ourselves and outer energy for our interactions with others. There are people who increase our energy and those who drain us. I use to think I used too much energy focusing on the opinion of others but that has changed after reading the yellow book by Jon Gordon, The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy.

The “Energy Bus” is a “self-help” type book that is told in a story reiterating the power of positive thoughts and behavior. The hero of the story is a man named George who is having a hard time with work and gets discouraged very easily when nothing goes the right way for him. The story of the book is an influence of positive energy which is taught to George and other passengers through the bus driver, Joy. Joy is more than just a bus driver; she is an Ambassador of Positive Energy.

“More people die on Monday morning at 9:00 am than any other time,” says Gordon. The book plainly points out how to be a “Chief Energy Officer” within our own domain, harness the positive energy of others and stresses the importance of presenting these actions in our personal and professional life. To be a successful CEO one must tap into the 10 rules described in “The Energy Bus” book which assist in making work a more positive community and environment to be a part of each day.

A short time after reading the book, I was promoted to lead the Engineering department in the company’s site in Pittsburgh, PA. During that time, the department was facing big challenges and the employee morale was quite low. Prior to my first department meeting, I went to B&N and bought all copies they had on shelves and I printed out the energy bus tickets from the Energy Bus website. During the meeting, I mentioned my journey with energy bus, presented the 10 rules to fuel life, work and team with positive energy, and invited the team to take a copy of the Energy Bus book and Ticket, and join the ride.

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